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Photo Organizer

Organizing made fast, easy and fun

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Feel Good, About You

Going back through old photos is food for the soul

A phone with the screen showing a user swipe up to skip a photo

A Twinge in Your Heart

Rediscover your happiest memories as you organize

The phone shows a user organizing a photo from a camping trip with college friends

The Most Magical App on Your Phone

Your new and perfectly-organized library is a joy to browse

The phone shows a user's organized library of memories

Your Personal Time Machine

Scroll down memory lane for the ultimate feel-good experience

The phone shows a feed of stacked photos uploaded by the user's partner

Nostalgia is a Universal Experience

Sharing memories is effortless using face tags and albums

A screen shows how to share a photo with face tags and shared albums.

The Other Photographer Documenting Your Life

Share a library of favorite memories with your partner

The phone shows memories filtered to only show a partner's images

The Door to Your Past

Powerful filters make searching memories fast and easy

The phone shows the filter memory screen with various options

A Better Way to Share

Memories you share can be seen on the free app or the web

A laptop showing a users shared memories on the web

Healthy Human Interaction

Friends leave short, pre-written notes after viewing your memories

The phone shows pre-written notes that a friend can tap on

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