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DevOps Engineer


Remote (Work from Home)


Engineering and Data Science

Reports To

Jay Signorello

The Opportunity

Photo Organizer uncovers our life stories, by making it easy and satisfying to go through our photo libraries to transform them into something magical.

The result of using Photo Organizer isn't just a perfectly organized and precisely shared photo library, it's a feeling that you have relived your life story and built a lasting foundation for you and your family to enjoy your story forever.

As a Photo Organizer DevOps Engineer, you will utilize your extensive experience in infrastructure, security, cloud providers, and continuous delivery to equip our team with the tools and infrastructure needed to deliver engaging, secure, and quality products.

Working at Photo Organizer

Photo Organizer is a small, scrappy start-up founded by proven entrepreneurs who sold their last small, scrappy start-up to a publicly traded company.

  • We believe that life is too short to not love where you work.

  • When all colleagues champion respect, humility and passion, great things happen.

  • We are not a meetings-based company (honestly, we can’t stand most meetings); we’re an actions-based company.

  • We roll up our sleeves, work fast, hit our goals and get back to friends and family.

  • We’ve practiced and advocated for remote work (work from home) since 2010. We firmly believe that amazing experiences and awesome software don't need to be created in an office.

Success at Photo Organizer

  • You pride yourself on your kindness, humility and principles.

  • You self-start, take initiative, stay focused, move fast, and get things done.

  • You're savvy within your department and the company at large.

  • You're great at collaborating, but get most of your energy from action, not from interaction.

  • You voice your opinion, seek compromise, and are proud to say, "Thank you. You've changed my opinion."

  • You're self-aware and thrive off constructive feedback.

  • You challenge, mentor and learn from your peers.

  • A contagious commitment to the company's success.

The Role

We use AWS, Terraform, Github, and Kubernetes for our infrastructure, which you should be knowledgeable with. But you don't have to be an expert in all of them. However, you should be excited to learn about them and whatever other technologies will help our teams move faster.

Engineering will work closely with you to optimize our data stores, implement performance monitoring, and scale our application infrastructure. You will help each team design, promote, and maintain continuous delivery on all projects. Challenging each other and collaborating on architecture, design, and best practices is what we enjoy. You should too.

We’re always in need of smarter monitoring that alerts on symptoms, rather than on causes, to make each alert meaningful and actionable. You’ll partner with engineering to develop alerting and monitoring for critical services. We expect you to be on PagerDuty rotation to respond to availability and security incidents, while also helping engineers with customer incidents.

What Sets You Apart

  • A github account with open source projects created by you

  • Experience maintaining image or file-based applications

  • Familiarity with Ruby on Rails and web technologies

  • Extensive experience working remotely

Equal Opportunity Employer

Photo Organizer is proud to be committed to a diverse workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, religion or disability.

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