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Effortless Photo Sharing

Sharing photos is seamlessly built into Photo Organizer's organizing system. While you organize, you can seamlessly share. 

Getting the right image shared with the right people has never been easier. 

An extended family looking at a shared photo on their phone and are all laughing

Share via Face Tags

When you tag a photo with a person's face, that memory can automatically be shared with that person. You just need to provide their contact info so Photo Organizer knows who to share with.

The screen for editing and sharing a face with contacts

Add contact info to share your curated photos tagged with that face.

Get the App

A white button that says download on the App Store

Share using Shared Albums

When you add a photo to a shared album, it's shared with all the contacts in that album. 

The screen for editing and sharing an album with contacts

Add and remove contacts from your shared albums.

Tagging Faces and Adding to Albums

Whenever you keep a memory you are prompted to tag faces and select albums.

Photo Organizer's facial recognition suggests faces, but you need to confirm them.

You can add a memory to multiple shared and private albums. 

Two screens showing a user confirm faces and add to albums

This example memory will be shared with Liz, Steph, College Friends, Family, and the user's Partner.

Easily Review Sharing Settings

Visit the Sharing screen to see your list of recognized faces and how many contacts each face is shared with.

Also visit the Sharing screen for a list of albums, and their sharing settings. When an album is shared, you'll see the icon with three silhouettes.

Two screens showing shared faces and albums_

Easily review sharing settings for faces and albums.

Share Your Life Story

Because Photo Organizer's sharing and organizing are one-and-the-same, you'll soon find yourself in the habit of organizing in order to also share photos or videos.


Your videos and photos will be fully organized, shared with the right people, and loved ones will feel more connected.

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