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Photo Captions

Back in the old days, before we had a gazillion digital photos on our phones, we would take photos and then add captions below them, or on the back, to remember what they were all about.

Why? Because we knew our future selves would completely forget the context, and every special photo has a story behind it that shouldn't be lost to memory.

Photo Organizer is bringing back the lost art of adding captions to our photos and videos.

Old polaroid photos with hand written captions below them

Adding Captions is Easy

Whenever you keep a photo, you'll see a caption field at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can add the background or context, or anything else you want to remember about the photo.

If you're sharing the photo, adding a caption provides better context so your family and friends understand what it's all about when they see your photo in the feed.

The screen shows a user adding a caption about camping next to a waterfall.

Easily add a caption when keeping
any photo or video

Reusing Captions

Just tap the 'Caption History' button to display a list of your last five captions.

You can then edit any of these captions or incorporate them into an existing one. 

The screen shows a box with 5 previously-used captions_

Tap the 'Caption History' button
to see your last 5 captions

Captions for Videos

Adding captions is incredibly helpful for remembering the story behind your photos, making them easily searchable, and makes for better sharing.

There's one use case, in particular, where adding captions is a no-brainer: videos! When your future self wants to search for a specific video, the words in the caption will make it easy to locate.

Plus, when your friends see a shared video, they can read the caption and decide whether they want to watch the whole thing. 

Searching the users videos for specific kewyords - party, pool, splash

Searching for specific videos

is much more effective with captions

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