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Partner Share

Partner Share is a fantastic feature designed to address a common issue in the digital age: many of the photos that matter most to you end up on your partner’s phone. This includes a lot of the pictures taken of you, and naturally, we all enjoy seeing photos of ourselves—it's a part of human nature to appreciate seeing our moments captured from another's perspective.

A couple lying in bed in pajamas, with their feed up on the headboard

Keeping Memories Private

We understand that privacy is still crucial. Not every photo you take is meant for shared eyes, and the same goes for your partner. Recognizing this, Partner Share is built with flexibility in mind. While it's great to have access to each other's best shots and those lovely candid photos of yourself, there might be times when you prefer to keep certain pictures private.


To manage this, Partner Share includes an easy option to maintain your privacy. If there are photos in your collection that you’d prefer to keep just for yourself, you can simply uncheck the Partner Album for those specific images. This action ensures that these photos will not be visible to your partner. It’s a straightforward solution that respects both the desire for shared experiences and the need for personal privacy.

Removed images are never shared with your partner.

A memento photo of teddy bears with Partner Share disabled

To keep a memory private simply disable the Partner Album.

Get the App

A white button that says download on the App Store

Viewing Partner-Shared Memories

Your partner's saved memories appear in your Photo Organizer saved Memories, and vice versa.


Partner images are identified with a small icon.

Combined with Photo Organizer's powerful search features, you can find just the right image taken by your partner.

Plus, we bet most pictures of you are on their phone, not yours.

The phone shows memories filtered to only show a partner's images

Filter memories to show just those taken by your partner.

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