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How to Organize Photos

Photo Organizer's magic isn't just an organized collection of photos and videos, it's also in the process of organizing, which is like a form of reminiscence therapy.

With an intuitive design, Photo Organizer allows you to relive your past, month by month, while simultaneously organizing your favorite memories. 

Woman on couch organizing her Photo Organizer account

Organize Month by Month

The organizing system is designed for you to organize a single month per session, so you can relive your past slowly over time. You start with the oldest month in your photo library and see an overlaid checkmark when you complete a month.

A phone with the screen showing a user swipe up to skip a photo

Choose a single month to curate. Checkmarks indicate the month is fully organized.

Get the App

A white button that says download on the App Store

Remove or Keep an Image 

You will quickly know whether to remove or keep each image to your account. In fact, the average Photo Organizer user removes 80% of their images, and only keeps 20%.   


To remove, tap the remove button or swipe up. Removing simply means the image is not uploaded/saved to your account.

Whether you remove or save, the original file on your phone is not modified.

When in doubt, remove! You can always access removed images anytime.

A phone with the screen showing a user swipe up to skip a photo

The average user removes 80% of their images

Keeping a Memory

Tap the Keep Button to save the video or photo to your account. When you keep, you're prompted to confirm recognized faces, add the photo to albums, and add a caption. 

When you keep/save the image, a copy of the original file is uploaded to your account and becomes viewable in your saved memories. It's also organized into the relevant albums in Apple Photos.

After uploading, the original file on your phone is not modified.

A phone with the screen showing a user saving a photo.

Saving adds the video or photo to your Photo Organizer account

Similar Images are Grouped

Photo Organizer automatically groups similar images so in a single step you can choose the best and remove the rest.

Two photos are selected to be kept from the set of similar photos

It's never been easier to pick the best version of an image

Facial Recognition

Photo Organizer detects faces for you to quickly confirm who is in each image, and quickly add new, unrecognized faces.

Add an email or mobile number to a face, and Photo Organizer automatically shares your saved memories with that person.

A phone with the screen highlighting a user confirming faces

Automatically share with everyone in each memory with facial recognition

Add Captions to Saved Memories

We strongly encourage you to add captions whenever possible for several reasons:

As time goes by, you forget the details behind each memory.


Captions give your family and friends context for each image when you share memories.

The keywords used in your captions will also make it much easier to search your saved memories

A phone with the screen highlighting a user adding a caption

Easily caption memories to better remember when you relive them in the future

Private and Shared Albums

It's easy to add a memory to one or more shared or private albums.

A phone with the screen highlighting all the albums a user can select

Quickly add a memory to multiple shared and private albums

Organize Multiple Images at Once

Bulk Organize allows you to select multiple images and apply the same changes to all of them at once.

Remove multiple images. Keep multiple images. Apply the same albums to multiple images.

A phone with the screen showing bulk organize

Remove or keep multiple images at once with Bulk Organize

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