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Duplicate Photos

Whenever we take a selfie or snap a photo of a group, we often take multiple shots to capture the perfect angle, the perfect frame, and everyone smiling. This results in many extraneous photos that clog our library.

We call these photos duplicates, but they're not really duplicates so much as 'similar' images.

Four similar photos taken of a family in front of a Christmas tree.jpg

Some apps promise a quick fix using AI (artificial intelligence). However, even though it's 2024, AI for images still isn't quite there yet. AI excels in generating and correcting text, but it still falls short with images. It just can't quite choose what you might consider the best version from a set.

To address this, Photo Organizer groups all your similar photos into a grid, allowing you to quickly select the best one and remove the rest.

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Grouping Duplicate Photos

Photo Organizer groups duplicate photos in a grid, or you can view them stacked vertically, or use a zoomed-in view. 


From there, simply select your favorite version, or select multiple versions. When you tap 'Keep', the version or versions you selected are kept, and the others are automatically removed. 


You're also given the option to remove them all.


It's so easy!  You'll quickly process all those pesky duplicates.

The screen shows a group of 6 duplicate photos in a grid.

Photo Organizer's Grid View for Duplicate Photos

The screen shows a group of 6 duplicate photos vertically stacked_

Photo Organizer's Vertically-Stacked View for Duplicate Photos

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