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A Rundown of Our Newest Features

We’ve recently unleashed a bunch of new features to make our top-tier organizing experience even more enjoyable. Here are some of our favorites!

Add Undetected Faces

Sometimes Photo Organizer may not detect a face in a photo or video. With our latest update, you can now easily add an undetected face directly from your current screen—no need to navigate away. This feature is designed for tagging new individuals not yet in your account, who aren't visible in the photo but would still appreciate seeing it.

Screenshot of the button to add a new undetected face

A Brand New Start Screen

We've revamped the start screen to:

  1. Help you track your organizing stats.

  2. Provide a simple method for deleting unneeded photos and freeing up space on your phone.

  3. Make it easier to choose whether to organize recent photos, a single month, or a collection based on themes like holidays, this week in the past, and more.

Screenshot of the new start screen

Delete Removed Photos

Photos you remove while organizing are conveniently stored in an Apple Photos album called "Organizer: Removed." This keeps them out of your main library but ensures they are not permanently lost. However, if you decide to delete these "Removed" photos and free up space on your phone, you can now easily do so directly from the Photo Organizer app.

Screenshot of Photo Organizers deletion button

Improved Similar Photos

Choosing the best photos from similar ones is now even simpler with our new full-screen design. View them in a grid, stacked, or zoomed in for a closer look. Easily pick the top photo and discard the rest with just one tap. With enhanced visual confirmation of your selections and a more intuitive button layout, you'll breeze through organizing your similar photos and enjoy the process.

Screenshot of Photo Organizers improved similar photo flow


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