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See Previously Used Albums While Organizing


To make it easier to find albums while you are organizing photos, we now place previously used albums at the top of your list of all albums.

Photo Organizer determines which albums to show based on the image's timestamp, relative to the timestamps of previously saved memories.

A screenshot of Photo Organizer. Four tags are magnified and they're under the heading "Suggested Albums."

More Details:

We’ve just rolled out a handy update to Photo Organizer to help you find your photo albums faster. Now, when you go to pick an album, the ones you’ve used recently will show up at the top of the list. This little tweak makes it way easier to get your photos sorted without having to scroll through every album you’ve ever made.

Here’s how it works: Photo Organizer looks at when your photos were taken and matches them up with when you last added something to your albums. So, if you’re working with pictures from a recent event or trip, the albums you’re likely using for those photos are going to be right there when you need them.

This update is all about making things smoother and quicker for you, whether you’re a pro photographer or just sorting through your weekend snaps. Now you can spend more time enjoying your photos and less time hunting for where to put them!


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