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Invite Friends by Text (SMS) to View Your Memories

Previously, when you wanted to share photos with someone using Photo Organizer, you needed to provide the contact's email address. This process involved Photo Organizer sending an email to notify the contact about the shared memories. While effective, it relied on the recipient checking their email to see your photos, which might not happen right away depending on their email habits.

Today's update introduces a more immediate and convenient method for photo sharing. Now, you can simply use a contact's mobile number instead of their email. This change allows Photo Organizer to send a text message notification directly to their phone. Text messages tend to be noticed and opened quicker than emails, making this a more effective way to share your special moments.

The update is designed to streamline the sharing process, making it faster and more user-friendly, and ensuring that your shared memories get the attention they deserve.

An outline of a man and woman with a text bubble between them saying, "Chloe found memories for you on Backstory!"

See which phone numbers Photo Organizer uses when sending text messages to your contacts. Please note that you can't use these numbers to send questions or suggestions to the Photo Organizer team. Those numbers are only for Photo Organizer to send outbound messages.


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