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Add Shared Photos to Your Account

The latest feature in Photo Organizer is designed to enhance how you save and share memories with your network. Introducing the "Add to Photo Organizer" button—this convenient new tool allows you to effortlessly save any shared memory from your feed directly to your private account. This means any photo or video that catches your eye in the feed can be preserved in full resolution with just a click.

Moreover, you'll also preserve any caption that was added to that photo, so you'll always remember the story behind the photo.

We encourage you to invite your friends to join and use the app. As they upload and organize their own photos and videos, these items will appear in your feed. This not only keeps you updated with your friends' latest memories but also provides an opportunity to save moments you find meaningful. Whether it’s a photo from a mutual friend’s wedding or a video from a recent trip that a friend shared, you can add these to your personal collection without losing quality.

This feature is perfect for those who enjoy having a centralized, organized hub of memories—not just their own but also those they share with friends and family. The "Add to Photo Organizer" button ensures that you never miss out on saving a treasured moment from your social circle. It improves your experience by making it easier to manage, organize, and revisit the memories that matter most, all within the privacy of your account.

A single shared photo of a selfie of 10 20-somethings drinking cocktails around a table, highlighting the Add to Backstory button.

Visit our in-depth page on Your Feed for more detailed information on how this feature works within your feed.


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