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Organize Month by Month

To enhance the experience of organizing your memories, we've made a helpful update to our system by grouping photos by months. This new approach simplifies the organizing process; instead of sorting through random dates, you'll now focus on specific months. This allows for a more methodical and less overwhelming organization of your photos.

Your task is straightforward: tackle one month at a time. By concentrating on a single month before moving on to the next, you ensure that every photo is given the attention it deserves—whether it's being saved for keeps or skipped over. This method helps prevent the fatigue that can come from trying to sort through a massive pile of photos all at once.

We recommend completing the organization of one entire month before proceeding to the next. This approach not only keeps the task manageable but also provides a clear sense of progression. As you finish organizing each month, you'll see a checkmark next to it. This checkmark is a small but powerful symbol that signifies completion. It confirms that every image in that month has been carefully reviewed and either saved or removed.

You'll find satisfaction in seeing these checkmarks accumulate as they visually represent the progress you're making in tidying up your digital photo collection. It's a rewarding way to track your achievements, and seeing a fully organized gallery, month by month, is truly gratifying. This approach not only makes it easier to revisit memories in an orderly fashion but also enhances your overall enjoyment of your organizing journey.

Four months are shown in a square grid. June, July and August have checkmarks. May does not.


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