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Identify Partner Memories and Filter to Recently Saved

Photo Organizer's Partner Share feature is a popular option among users, offering a delightful way to share and view each other’s best photos in a jointly accessible collection. It’s particularly great because it lets you see all the photos of you that your partner has taken—helping ensure that no memorable moments are missed.

In the latest update, Photo Organizer has enhanced this feature by adding a small icon on photos to indicate which ones are from your partner’s collection. This makes it easy to distinguish between your own photos and those shared by your partner, streamlining the browsing experience within your shared collection.

Moreover, the update introduces a new filter that allows you to view only the most recently saved memories. Whether you're curious about the latest photos you've added to your collection or you want to see the newest memories your partner has shared, this new filter makes it simple. Now, staying up to date with the latest additions to your shared memories is just a tap away.

This filtering capability is perfect for those moments when you just want to catch up on what’s new without sifting through older content. It's also a handy tool for quickly finding the most recent highlights in your partner's photo collection, making it easier to enjoy and discuss your shared memories together. Whether it’s revisiting a special occasion or enjoying casual snaps from daily life, these updates to Photo Organizer enhance your experience by making photo sharing more intuitive and accessible.

A library filtered to show memories added by a partner that were recently saved.


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